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The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)
The American Society of Home Inspectors is the largest national professional organization of home inspectors with members throughout the United States and Canada. ASHI's mission is to promote exemplary practice in the home inspection profession. ASHI has Standards of Practice and a Code of Ethics which members subscribe to.

The National Association of Home Inspectors, Inc.(NAHI)
The National Association of Home Inspectors, Inc.(NAHI) was established in 1987 as a nonprofit association to promote and develop the home inspection industry. The mission of the National Association of Home Inspectors is to promote excellence and professionalism in the Home Inspections industry; to provide a standards of practice and a code of ethics; to educate its members; and to inform the public of the benefits and scope of a professional home inspection.

This is a very prestigeous web site for the home inspection industry. Only the very top home inspectors are listed on this web site.
Find all the information you need regarding being exposed to Asbestos.
Help to indentify the early signs and understand the severity of being exposed to Asbestos and the diseases it can cause.
Click on the following link: for all your answers regarding Radon for both Buyers and Sellers.
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